The data file containing data on temperature, pressure, wind conditions, and gas concentration. For more information, see Data Format


The data file containing data on particulate matter concentration. For more information, see Data Format

Creating an Account

Creating an account will allow you to access any devices which you own or which someone gives you permission to access.

Signing Up

Go to the signup page and type in your desired email and password. Then, click "Sign up".

Logging In

Go to the login page and type in your email and password. Then, click "Login"

Modifying the Device

If you wish to change settings for a device (currently the name and location) which is registered to your account, you have two options:

  1. Find the device marker on the map, click on it, and then click the cog in the bottom-right corner of the popup
  2. Go to my devices, and click the edit icon(mode_edit) next to the desired device

Changing the Name

Fill in the field labelled "name" with your desired name. Then click "Submit"

Changing the Location

Click the edit button(mode_edit) next to "Coordinates". This will bring you to a map where you can choose a new location by clicking on the map. Save your changes by pressing the check(check) icon

Authorizing Users to Download

In order to allow other users to download data from this device (see Downloading Data), you can type in the email address associated to their account in the corresponding input box, and click "Add Email". In order to remove them, click the delete button next to their email address.

Changing User Settings

To change the email associated with your account and your password, click "User preferences" in the dropdown at the top-right corner. In order to leave your password the same, do not fill in the "password" field

Viewing Device Data

Data Graphs

Graphs on the device data can be viewed here by clicking on any node and then selecting "view full data"

Graph Time Interval

The data range for the graphs can be changed by selecting "Day" or "Week" at the top of the page


In order to zoom in on a specific section of the graph, click and drag across an area. To reset the zoom, press "Reset Zoom"

Data Point Interval

The default data point interval is 60 seconds. This means that each of the points shown on the graph are one minute apart. This can be set to 5 minutes by selecting "5 minutes" in the top bar

Gas and Particle Data

By default, the bottom graph shows gas data (CO, NO, NO2, etc.). It can be switched to show particulate matter by selecting "Particle data" at the top of the screen.

Data Loading

The data does not load all at once, but progressively. The newest data is loaded first, and once all of the data is loaded, the "loading" overlay will disappear.


The axes can be autoscaled using the swap_vert and swap_horiz. swap_vert will scale the axes in the vertical (Y) axis, while swap_horiz will scale it in the time (X) axis.

Updating Graph Data

To load the most recent data, press the update button on the right side of the page.

Downloading Device Data

For more fine-grained analysis, data can be downloaded to a text file. This can be done by clicking on the map node of a device which is registered to you or you have been given permission to download from (see Device Settings)

Download Options

The start and end date for the data points can be specified by clicking on the "Start date" and "End date" inputs. However, both of these are optional. Leaving them both blank will download all of the data recorded by the device, which is NOT ADVISED. In order to download either the Gas(D-data) or Particle(P-data), click on the appropriate link


The file consists of strings of either D-data or P-data (see terminology). An example:

D,06/28/2016 18:12:30,246,101001,23.63,47.61,11.840,140,0,288,293,21.82,0,26360,-2,23.39,18011,18409,-1,23.31,2,26372,-1,23.34,26372,26368,-1,0,-255.62,-2987.00,128.25,-3296.00,0
D,06/28/2016 18:12:44,246,101010,23.63,47.47,11.800,136,0,288,293,21.82,0,26361,-2,23.40,17947,17991,-1,23.31,2,26372,-1,23.34,26372,26369,-1,0,-223.50,29.00,128.12,-3264.00,0
D,06/28/2016 18:12:48,247,101001,23.63,47.44,11.790,121,0,288,293,21.84,0,26361,-1,23.42,17937,17955,-1,23.31,2,26372,-2,23.35,26372,26368,-1,0,-223.50,-1121.75,128.12,-3296.00,0
D,06/28/2016 18:12:55,247,101013,23.63,47.37,11.770,143,0,288,292,21.84,380,26361,-2,23.43,17920,17913,-1,23.32,2,26372,-2,23.37,26373,26369,-1,0,-271.00,-2463.62,128.00,-3264.12,0
D,06/28/2016 18:13:02,247,101019,23.63,47.31,11.750,143,0,289,292,21.85,3193,26361,-2,23.43,17914,17890,-2,23.32,2,26372,-1,23.37,26372,26369,-2,0,-622.62,-3198.87,128.00,-3264.00,0
D,06/28/2016 18:13:08,248,101010,23.63,47.27,11.730,148,0,288,292,21.85,6104,26361,-1,23.45,17905,17876,-2,23.32,2,26372,-1,23.37,26372,26369,-1,0,-986.50,-3645.75,128.00,-3264.00,0
D,06/28/2016 18:13:14,248,101004,23.63,47.24,11.720,152,0,288,292,21.87,9047,26361,-2,23.46,17899,17868,-1,23.34,2,26372,-1,23.39,26373,26369,-1,0,-1354.37,-3901.00,128.00,-3264.12,0

Each line is one data measurement. For specific information on the format of the data, see Data Format.

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